3 Distinct Styles



My roommates are two of my favorite people on the planet. We can be some of the weirdest people when we’re together, spending hours rolling on the floor in laughter. Each of us have very unique personalities. As three distinct people, we each have our own take on style.

Madz: Hippie Chic


“It’s always a good idea to dress like Rachel from Friends.”—Madeline

Madz describes her style as Hippie and likes to wear comfortable, flowy outfits.



Overalls: Goodwill

Shoes: Doc Martins

Sunglasses: Earthbound







Claire— Class + Sass


“A girl must be two things. Classy and fabulous”–Claire

Claire takes classic pieces and adds some extra spice. She added flare by adding a fur vest to a simple dark wash jean and black tank combo.

ClaireDistinctRoomie2Vest: Hinge

Jeans: Express

Tank Top: BP

Shoes: BP

Hat: Boutique


Me: Indie Chic

I like to pair girly pieces with bold or edgy pieces. Fringe, leather and studs decorate many of favorite accessories.  I always loved the song “punk rock princess” by Something Corporate and that’s exactly how I would describe my lifestyle.





Top: Express

Jacket: Forever 21

Jeans: J Crew

Booties: Crown Vintage


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