Tarte’s CC Under Eye Corrector Review

Over the past few months I’ve fallen in love with something completely new. One thing I’ve always struggled with is concealing my dark under eye circles. Following the wintertime, the contrast between my pale skin and deep purple eye sockets can be unbearable. After years of attempting to cover up the difference with the combination various concealers and highlighters, I stumbled upon my true love, Tarte’s CC Undereye Corrector.

DSC_0345Application is super simple, I just dab a little under my eyes using a concealer brush then blend out the edges with my fingers. In just a single coat, the color correcting serum makes a noticeable difference within seconds. I use this practically every day, sometimes it’s all I wear. It’s a lifesaver for the mornings after late night study sessions.

From bared faced to one thin coat of Tarte CC Undereye brightener (Sorry about my messy brows!)
From bared faced to one thin coat of Tarte CC Undereye corrector (Sorry about my messy brows!)

It comes in two different shades, light-medium and medium-tan. I’m using the light-medium because I’m still a little pale from the winter weather. Applying one extremely thin coat is enough to completely brighten my eyes. I’m currently running low and I can promise you I will definitely purchase it again!!


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