Workin for the Future

Oh summer,

I’m officially over a month into summer and I can officially report that I haven’t done anything that remarkable, yet. While some people are off exploring other countries, bar hopping, and embarking on adventures: I am sitting on my couch updating my Netflix queue. Okay I guess that’s not alllll that I do. I spend every single day working. I am severely broke this summer and trying to save to go abroad, so obviously I need to work.

This all may seem pretty normal except for the fact that I am working 4 jobs now. Yes, 4. That is not a typo. I work front desk at a hotel, as a Beauty Advisor at an ULTA , I have an internship as a communications coordinator and today I began helping out with a wedding planning company. You say summer; I say work! By the time I get done with my days I’m usually just too tired to do anything but have a glass of wine with my roomies and pass out on the couch watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black.

Decor from the most recent wedding I worked on

Although I’m working 4 different jobs, it’s surprisingly not all bad. I’m missing out on things, but doing it specifically to save money. Obviously when you work multiple jobs you may have to give up going out with friends occasionally. But I’ve found that it just makes the nights you do spend time with friends even more special. I am saving up to Study Abroad next spring. So yes, for the next 7 months I will be working my butt off to save money. I might miss out on a few things, but I know it will all be worth it when I finally make it to Europe!

I only have three semesters left of college, so I’m trying to figure out which industry I would like to work. I’ve always been interested in weddings, travel, fashion and beauty and all of my jobs help me explore what it’s like working in these fields. So yes, working 4 jobs is tiring and tough but it’s worth it to make the connections, gain the experience and save extra money for the future.


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