NYX High Voltage Lipsticks


I have to admit when it comes to makeup, I’m kind of a snob. I really only like to spend money on the high end bScreen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.20.24 PMrands and I rarely give cheap cosmetics a chance. However, I recently purchase two different High Voltage lipsticks from NYX and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I purchased Shade 02 which is a deep berry perfect for fall and shade 06, a bright class red!

BerryLipWhile I still believe that the high end lipsticks go on and stay on better, NYX lipsticks are wonderful for casual wear and the color pay off is fantastic. They are highly pigmented and go on very smooth. I found the berry shade, 02, to be very similar to my favorite Urban Decay Lipstick, Shame. It isn’t quite as bold of a color as my urban decay or Anastasia lipsticks, but it’s still a great quality for the price. I find my dark Urban Decay lipsticks tend to get EVERYWHERE if I eat or drink anything while wearing them, not to mention if they smear on my face there’s a good change I’ll look like a clown for an hour or two. However these NYX lipsticks come off quite clean and leaving a subtle stain on my lips for a little extra color even after my morning coffee has rubbed it away.

As for shade 06, I absolutely adore it. It’s a very classic bright red lip and extremely affordable. This one stains my skin a little bit more than the berry shade for some reason, but it’s still much easier to clean up the edges than other brands. Both Lipsticks are an excellent alternative to the high end brand. I purchased both of these NYX lipsticks at Ulta for 6$ each!



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