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If this is your first time reading, hello my name is Kayleigh and I’m a makeup addict. I recently took another trip to Ulta and purchased much more than I intended. I’ve been using these products for about 2 weeks now so I have a few impressions about them. In addition to new makeup products, I also purchased some new skincare products which I’ll write about in a post soon! I’m wearing all of my favorite new products in the picture above, and scroll down to hear more about my newest makeup addictions!



The Lorac Pro Contour pallet has become my new go-to product this summer! I love my Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour, however it takes a lot more time to apply and blend out. The Lorac pallet is fast, easy and creates great results! I also think it looks a lot better on top of a powder foundation that the cream contour pallet.


As for the Lorac Pro 3 pallet I’ve got slightly mixed feelings about it. Color-wise, I love it! The pigmentation is great and the colors are fantastic for everyday wear and the deeper shades are perfect for a night out. However, I find that the shadows are bit too soft and crumbly. With every single touch of a brush, the shadow breaks up and the dust goes everywhere. It’s not exactly a deal breaker, but I do think that it’s wasting quite a bit of the product. Just my personal opinion! Also a HUGE chunk of the Terracotta broke off just two days after purchase.


I’ve been gaga over the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara for so long. It’s been my go-to mascara every day since I first purchased it. However, I found something new that I also adore. Smashbox’s X-Rated mascara is perfect for creating drama! I won’t say too much about it here because I’ll be posting a side-by-side comparison of X-Rated versus Better Than Sex soon!

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I purchased two different concealers recently: The Urban Decay Naked Concealer and the other by NARS. I was using the Naked concealer while I was living in England and it always did the trick. However, when I came back to America I purchased the NARS concealer and I began alternating between the two. Not surprisingly, the NARS concealer has much better coverage! I find the Naked one a bit lighter, but I definitely prefer NARS.



First of all I want to start out by saying, I love Ulta. Their samples are amazing. With my last bulk purchase I received a free sample of Smashbox’s eyelash primer. So far I have only paired it with the X Rated Mascara but it definitely creates thick, dark lashes! I’ll write more about it in my Mascara comparison blog later, but so far it rocks.


So far I love all of the products I purchased. I’m using almost all of them daily except for the Naked Concealer. Let me know if you want to see more in depth reviews of the products above! Stay tuned for more hauls including a clothing haul! ❤




Kayleigh June





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