Welcome to New York: My Incredible First Day in the Big City

Authors Note: I was going to write a post about my first week in New York, but it has been a complete whirlwind! Instead of writing a whole novel on my first week, this will be my first post of my Novice in New York series:

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve moved many times quite a few times, but never as drastic (and hopefully permanent) as my recent relocation to New York City. I arrived in New York at 8pm on a Monday with three large suitcases, collectively weighing almost twice my body weight. I was completely tired and overwhelmed, stumbling through JFK with monstrous suitcases and somehow managed to get myself safely into a taxi.

I arrived at my elevator-less apartment and my incredible roommates helped me carry everything upstairs. Obviously, because I was moving from a small town in Minnesota, aka Cow Town USA, I didn’t have any furniture for my teeny tiny room. Once again, my amazing roommates Jen, of Speckled (check out the site’s relaunch here!) and Jorge let me borrow an air mattress and extra comforter. I can’t imagine what my first night would have been like without them!!

My first day was INSANE!!!! I started the morning with an interview at a temp agency, because I’m a broke, unemployed, recent college graduate. The woman at the agency was incredibly nice and enthusiastic. She met me, explained a little bit about their process and told me to email her with my weekly schedules. The meeting only lasted about 10 minutes and it was so simple I thought it was too good to be true.


About 5 minutes after I left the agency, unsure of when or if they would find me a job, my temp agent emailed me with a three day gig in Manhattan from Wednesday-Friday of that week! AMAZING!

After the interview I explored the city a little bit. Not even looking for anything in particular, I just walked…and walked…..and walked. Did I mention I was wearing brand new black leather heeled booties and it was raining cats and dogs? Yep.


I met Jen for lunch at her work and she showed me around the amazing Refinery29 offices. The creativity, setup, determination and style of every single person there was unreal and completely inspiring.

After lunch, we parted ways and I navigated the subway system by myself (I still haven’t gotten lost! I’m sure it’s going to happen eventually.) I sat on the train, my feet throbbing from walking about 8 miles in a partial downpour. I got home to my basically bare room and collapsed onto the slowly deflating mattress on the floor, contemplating when I would have the strength to get up and buy groceries… Then something else incredible happened.

My good friend Bailey texted me with free tickets to the Islanders game. Why would I ever turn down free hockey ticket? A few minutes later she instructed me not to eat dinner because the tickets included a free buffet. She told me to meet her at the Calvin Klein gate at 7PM. When I arrived I found out the Calvin Klein was another name for the VIP entrance. Bailey and I sat in the front row of the game, and ate every kind of food imaginable without spending a dime!



My first 24 hours in New York definitely aren’t common, but they were such an incredible way to get welcomed to the city!


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