As a P1060787journalism student and beauty writer, I’ve been planning on starting my own blog for ages. I’ve been inspired by other beauty gurus and I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs in my own adventures with beauty products, heartbreak and awkward everyday encounters. I’ve rewritten this intro about three different times since last summer, each time vowing to publish it. So this is it, finally! I’m officially taking the plunge into the blogging world! On this blog, I plan on releasing at least weekly content every Thursday or Friday. Truth, Beauty, Fashion and Love will focus on just that! I will be writing a lot of beauty and lifestyle articles complete with relationship advice, workout tips, tons of makeups reviews and tutorials and also                                                    just everyday encounters!

I am that weirdo that always has the urge to look fabulous. Even if I am spending the day at home in sweatpants binge watching something on Netflix, I will normally grow bored and decide to do afull face of makeup and style my hair just for fun. I have always loved experimenting with new makeup and hairstyles, so I’m going to share some of my experimentations with you!P1060822

I’m originally from Minnesota, so Igrew up very close to the Mall of America. I have loved shopping and fashion ever since I started talking! My mom swears that my first words were all about shopping, and it’s still one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I love browsing for clothes, cosmetics, home decor and all that jazz!

IMG_2212Health and fitness are two important values in my life! I am a major foodie, so I like finding good ways to incorporate healthy ingredients into my favorite dishes. I was not blessed with great metabolism, so I try to find ways to stay as active as possible! When I was younger I hated things like running and sweating in general, but I’ve discovered many workouts that I actually find myself looking forward to. Fitness can be fun and I’ll share some of my fitness secrets right here!

I have had more than my fair share of bad relationships. Sometimes dating seems like the most complicated concept on the planet. I’ve dealt with everything from the catastrophic heartbreak I thought would never end, to awkward altercations with my ex boyfriend’s cat. I’ll share some of my mistakes and advice for all my fellow hopeless romantics!

So here is the truth on beauty, fashion, and love from my perspective. That’s enough of my rather long introduction…

So without further ado my name is Kayleigh June and WELCOME TO MY BLOG!


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  1. How fun is this.. getting to meet a blogger! Truth be told – my interest is DIY secrets. IE: peroxide and baking soda for white teeth. Sugar (and or salt) and coconut oil (or olive oil and salt or sugar) for body scrubbs. Vitamin E for face … etc… plus great must have over the counter mascara – translucent face powder to set foundation… eye brow fillers… tips for women 50 plus… I am the daughter of Ruth Kellys cousin – Ruth (Kitty) Rydland Eastman. My mother was a real beauty – and I hope to age as beautiffy as she did! I wish you the very best in your endeavor whether you embrase my suggestions or not… please send me the link to your blog! Lovingly – Kathryn Eastman. 🙂


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