First Impression: Rent the Runway

I recently had to attend a formal event, but I didn’t want to splurge on a new dress. Instead, I decided to try Rent the Runway for the first time! For those of you who don’t know, Rent the Runway allows you to rent a designer dress for 4-8 days! It’s great for weddings, formal events or even just fancy nights out! I rented a dress by Yigel Azrouel called “Sip of Wine.” One great feature of the site is that it allows you to see the dress on real people who have rented it in the past. There are reviews of each dress describing the fit, color and overall impressions of the dress, so customers don’t have to go in completely blind.

Though I saw great reviews on the dress, I was still a little nervous to order the dress online. My main concern was timing. The dress was set to arrive the day before my event. What if it didn’t fit? What if I hated it? I didn’t have very much time to find a backup. Luckily, Rent the Runway offers a free backup size in the order, so that eased my anxiety a bit.


The dress "Sip of Wine" in the middle
The dress “Sip of Wine” in the middle

The dress arrived on time, one day before my event. It was phenomenal. It fit every curve of my body exactly the way I wanted it to. The neckline was slightly higher than featured on the model and the color was a little more purple than wine, but overall I loved it. It fit great and I never suffered any wardrobe malfunctions during my numerous spazzy dance moves. I actually received a lot of complements. The whole process was incredibly easy and I can’t wait to order from them again.


Anastasia Liquid Lipstick

I know I published a beauty review last week, but I wanted to write another one because I am completely blown away by the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick collection. I recently purchased the shade Sad Girl and it’s already my favorite lipstick ever.
The package looks a lot like a lip gloss, so it comes in a tub with a wand for application. It goes on thick and dries matte. The color payoff is incredible! Sad Girl creates a deep bold shade of violet and even has purple shimmers throughout adding a little bit of sparkle to the color.

The most impressive quality about this lipstick is how long it lasts. It honestly lasts the longest of any lipstick I have ever purchased. Even after finishing my second morning coffee, I only needed a slight touch-up. All of the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks are available for $20 and I will definitely pick up more shades in the future!

Tarte’s CC Under Eye Corrector Review

Over the past few months I’ve fallen in love with something completely new. One thing I’ve always struggled with is concealing my dark under eye circles. Following the wintertime, the contrast between my pale skin and deep purple eye sockets can be unbearable. After years of attempting to cover up the difference with the combination various concealers and highlighters, I stumbled upon my true love, Tarte’s CC Undereye Corrector.

DSC_0345Application is super simple, I just dab a little under my eyes using a concealer brush then blend out the edges with my fingers. In just a single coat, the color correcting serum makes a noticeable difference within seconds. I use this practically every day, sometimes it’s all I wear. It’s a lifesaver for the mornings after late night study sessions.

From bared faced to one thin coat of Tarte CC Undereye brightener (Sorry about my messy brows!)
From bared faced to one thin coat of Tarte CC Undereye corrector (Sorry about my messy brows!)

It comes in two different shades, light-medium and medium-tan. I’m using the light-medium because I’m still a little pale from the winter weather. Applying one extremely thin coat is enough to completely brighten my eyes. I’m currently running low and I can promise you I will definitely purchase it again!!

3 Distinct Styles



My roommates are two of my favorite people on the planet. We can be some of the weirdest people when we’re together, spending hours rolling on the floor in laughter. Each of us have very unique personalities. As three distinct people, we each have our own take on style.

Madz: Hippie Chic


“It’s always a good idea to dress like Rachel from Friends.”—Madeline

Madz describes her style as Hippie and likes to wear comfortable, flowy outfits.



Overalls: Goodwill

Shoes: Doc Martins

Sunglasses: Earthbound







Claire— Class + Sass


“A girl must be two things. Classy and fabulous”–Claire

Claire takes classic pieces and adds some extra spice. She added flare by adding a fur vest to a simple dark wash jean and black tank combo.

ClaireDistinctRoomie2Vest: Hinge

Jeans: Express

Tank Top: BP

Shoes: BP

Hat: Boutique


Me: Indie Chic

I like to pair girly pieces with bold or edgy pieces. Fringe, leather and studs decorate many of favorite accessories.  I always loved the song “punk rock princess” by Something Corporate and that’s exactly how I would describe my lifestyle.





Top: Express

Jacket: Forever 21

Jeans: J Crew

Booties: Crown Vintage


As a P1060787journalism student and beauty writer, I’ve been planning on starting my own blog for ages. I’ve been inspired by other beauty gurus and I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs in my own adventures with beauty products, heartbreak and awkward everyday encounters. I’ve rewritten this intro about three different times since last summer, each time vowing to publish it. So this is it, finally! I’m officially taking the plunge into the blogging world! On this blog, I plan on releasing at least weekly content every Thursday or Friday. Truth, Beauty, Fashion and Love will focus on just that! I will be writing a lot of beauty and lifestyle articles complete with relationship advice, workout tips, tons of makeups reviews and tutorials and also just everyday encounters!

I am that weirdo that always has the urge to look fabulous. Even if I am spending the day at home in sweatpants binge watching something on Netflix, I will normally grow bored and decide to do afull face of makeup and style my hair just for fun. I have always loved experimenting with new makeup and hairstyles, so I’m going to share some of my experimentations with you!P1060822

I’m originally from Minnesota, so Igrew up very close to the Mall of America. I have loved shopping and fashion ever since I started talking! My mom swears that my first words were all about shopping, and it’s still one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I love browsing for clothes, cosmetics, home decor and all that jazz!

IMG_2212Health and fitness are two important values in my life! I am a major foodie, so I like finding good ways to incorporate healthy ingredients into my favorite dishes. I was not blessed with great metabolism, so I try to find ways to stay as active as possible! When I was younger I hated things like running and sweating in general, but I’ve discovered many workouts that I actually find myself looking forward to. Fitness can be fun and I’ll share some of my fitness secrets right here!

I have had more than my fair share of bad relationships. Sometimes dating seems like the most complicated concept on the planet. I’ve dealt with everything from the catastrophic heartbreak I thought would never end, to awkward altercations with my ex boyfriend’s cat. I’ll share some of my mistakes and advice for all my fellow hopeless romantics!

So here is the truth on beauty, fashion, and love from my perspective. That’s enough of my rather long introduction…

So without further ado my name is Kayleigh June and WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

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